Feeling Queasy

So the whole, “stay in the house and don’t go outside of your neighborhood” is doing absolute WONDERS for my anxiety. It’s practically gone! Oh my gosh! 

Okay, clearly that’s totally not a healthy way to deal with things, obviously. 

Besides, I’ve noticed that even having my mom around the house kind of triggers me to go into hiding because I think she’ll judge me — which is flipping REDUNCULOUS. 

Anyhow, I’ve made it my mission to go out today and run some errands. I’m even going to try and get myself to shop from a different grocery store instead of relying on the “semi-safety” of Target. 

So yeah, I’m feeling kinda sick over it since it makes me feel aimless. So instead, I’m going to list the good stuff I’ve accomplished lately:

  • Did laundry (and put it away, sort of)
  • Cleaned up the bathroom
  • Knit like a madwoman and finished a project 
  • Helped my mom bring stuff out of the shed
  • Put away/ organized dog blankets 
  • Stream journaled

Yeah, so it was only acknowledging that last one that actually calmed me down. Maybe I should write down every time I … You know, do something non-tangible like calming myself down from a panic attack, or like just right now, tuning into my good moments and making it a point to congratulate myself on it. 

By Jove, I think I’m actually onto something here. 


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