I’m All Mixed Up Inside

My therapy appointment today really has me shaken up inside. There were a few things that really upset me that were hard to hear and others stumped me with feeling so off the mark. 

It has me questioning myself and my actions and my thoughts and general life choices. 

I understand her point was to get me out of my comfort zone but at the same time I feel like … I dunno, I feel like I’m doing everything wrong and stupid and … Basically that I’m the worst person on the planet. 

Not because I’m dumb or something, but like, I’m so smart and connected that I should already have “gotten it” by now. 

And now that I gave her the link to this blog, it doesn’t feel sacred anymore. 

We have different views on what journaling should be and for me, this blog IS my journal. It’s where I feel comfortable, safe, and it’s just for me. 

Yeah anyone can read it, but first and foremost… IT’S. FOR. ME

But now… Now I’ve gotten so much in my head about it… I dunno.

I feel … Stubborn. And betrayed. 


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