As far as my mental health is concerned, I’m in the “it gets worse before it gets better” ideology. 

The pending full-time disability status really got my OCD going today. I worked myself raw to  clean clean clean. To make sure I had every “perfect” tools from Target to make the sink shine, and floor look pretty, and the wood be gorgeous, and the dust just magic itself away. 

Looking back, I get it. My brain is telling me that maybe, just maybe if I have the perfect home inside, I can make my outside life perfect too. I could go back to work, be the best employee possible etc etc etc. 

Except … Except right now I’m sick and I need help. 


One thought on “OCD You SOB

  1. OCD completely takes over my life so I can definitely relate to this post! I can sympathise with the way you are feeling. I’ve followed you so I can read more.

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