I have a friend who’s having a bit of a tough time lately. I got the sense of things by her posts on Facebook before I quit — not written things, but sarcastic memes that maybe weren’t actually so sarcastic. She’s normally this effervescent presence that yes, is shy, but is the type of person to be self aware and use that  to her advantage. 

When I saw her recently… God. I saw the signs immediately. She’s in the grips of some way harsh depression. It’s the kind of thing that I can just watch, hug, and compliment her as much as I can because that shit sucks. 

Don’t get me wrong, I know these aren’t the cure all but I do know how much laughter and love can briefly shed light. 

Also kittens. I’m basically spamming her with kittens. 

Because, duh. 

Love you, girl. You got this so hard by the balls that Wonder Woman would be DAYUMN. 


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