Nighttime Excursions

As it’s been well established, anxiety comes with some interesting side effects. Insomnia can be one of them, but lately I wouldn’t classify my being up after midnight “insomnia.” I’ve been taking a great deal of ill-timed naps, that just so happen to only last 3-5 hours…. and oh ho! I wake in the dead of night.


I watch a lot of murder mystery crime shows as they soothe me. With all the chaos that comes with anxiety and working through severe perfectionism as well as all the other stuff… Solving tangible puzzles just… Helps calm the chatter in my head. 

I have noticed, however, an uptick in my need to clean in the dead of night. Clean and lock the doors and “be prepared.” 

On one hand I am totally down for this need to have clean things and organized and just… Open, you know? 

For now I’m kind of letting this pattern nighttime cleaning thing take its course as, well, it’s soothing and honestly who doesn’t love a clean house? 


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