You know… You know when you’re in a spot of bother and you know the reason why but OH MY GOD WHYYYYY?!?!

Yeah. So that’s me right now. Getting used to the new meds, dealing with shit like a mother fucking calm boss bitch, and dealing with the curse of the fucking female body has me just…

Just allllllll over the god damn place. And what sucks the big one is that I CAN’T DO MUCH ABOUT FUCKING BIOLOGY AND HOROMONES NOW CAN I!? 

On the good side of things I had a moment of falling back on OCD rituals because the situation from yesterday spilled over into today and since I can’t control that my brain was all, maybe xyz will help things along. 

And yeah, I did one out of my two big ones (dressing to impress with jewelry and everything), but my main one – cleaning, or spraying down everything with my alcohol spray… Well, that one kinda fell to the wayside. I still had my little tube spray in my pocket and I kept touching it when I had a few anxiety flare-ups at work today, but I was good. 

So maybe it’s not all bad, but boy do I not like how I feel right now. It’s fucking disconcerting. 

Senator out! 


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