No Title Because I’m Lazy

Well love dumplings of the internet, what a difference the right medication makes!

I’m quite certain that I’ve had one of my more “exhausting” 36 hours yet, good gracious I’m about as chipper as I could be. I won’t go into details because honestly it doesn’t really matter now and I’m too lazy to re-hash that whole disaster.

This empowerment began Tuesday or Wednesday (my memory gets murky when I don’t like things that happen) ANYWAY, that was the start of the firm boundaries I asserted early this week, even within myself. I’m taking a break from Facebook because that’s a clusterfuck and a half and frankly my anxiety and me can’t handle anything but sunshine and rainbows on the outside.

Well, and corpses, but that’s just the detective and the archeologist in me.

So yeah, I’m off Facebook and have told my family they need to kindly respect that I want nothing to do with my Dad. No passing fucking notes that he’s on one hell of a fucking bender (I mean, fuck people it’s not like THAT’S news); no passing messages to me saying he loves me — I KNOW he loves me, but he’s also very sick and it makes him a manipulative, passive aggressive fucking ass so no thank you to that — and frankly I’m done with his 100th cry wolf of suicide for… well, you get the picture.

Rabbit Hole of stupid, meet Senator. Senator, you totally just fell right into that one.


Kay so boundaries, yay me. Also, MEDICATION CHANGE HOLY CRAP THERE ARE RAINBOWS. I realize it takes about a week or so to the body to get used to the new dosage, but DAYUMN. I feel like myself again y’all . It’s fucking banana-cakes.

Like, I look forward to the day. I can easily prioritize, identify what needs to be done and — here’s the real kicker — actually follow through WITHOUT HESITATION.

That’s fucking huge, dudes.

I’ve only had 3 hours of sleep due to severe allergies and yet today… today was pretty fucking awesome. Too tired to get into details. Again, lazy but I so don’t care. Muahahahaha! (kidding, sort of).

So since I’ve cut myself off from Facebook, I’ve been using Instagram and twitter to stay connected. If you’d like to see the crazy in action, feel free to follow me @senatorsipes

Instagram: @senatorsipes

twitter: @senatorsipes

I try to make things pretty easy.

Peace out gentle unicorns.



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