News News News!

I don’t normally write when I’m in a happier mood because, well, Writing isn’t exactly my fortay. I read a lot and I enjoy words, but writing is too solitary for me. 

Despite my anxiety and its demand for solitude because SO MUCH is going on in my brain (seriously, WTF sometimes?). Anyway, point is I like people and being around people to get my little extra zest in life. 

So yeah, I don’t normally post all the cute and fun stuff because.. I dunno. It happened and I got it out of my system. 


So basically I feel I’ve hit a turning point. Don’t get me wrong shit has hit the fan and Jackson Pollack would be proud of the art it’s made on the walls. I feel empowered. I feel like I can face my fears. 

Most importantly? I’m (mostly) ready to change. 


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