Last Night Was Fun

And by fun, I mean terrifying and weird! 

I closed last night which means I got home around midnight and promptly fell into a fitfull sleep. 

I remember tossing and turning because my brain kept listing off all the things I should do, urging me forcefully to wake up. This contradicted the sleep like state I was in because I was actually very tired that when I did actually get up to relieve myself I seriously thought I was high as fuck. 

My body was so contradictory that I was in this weird, scary, limbo state that sucked big time. 

Imagine thinking you don’t have control over your body. 

Seriously, I almost started cleaning while being in that “I’m still totally in sleep mode even though I shuffled to the restroom” mode. I stared at myself in the mirror for a looooooooong as time trying to gain control over my thoughts. 

All the while the laundry list of things that needed to get done shouted at me from inside my mind. 

I eventually did go back to bed, but back to shitty, worrisome sleep. 

My brain suddenly forgot all words and how to form them into cohesive sentences so I think I’m done. Boom. Ending. 


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