From the Mixed of Files of Ms. Senator Sipes

That’s a terrible title, but whatever. I liked the book, and I kinda feel like the kids from that book. 

Anyway, after that day I called up my therapist immediately and booked an appointment. She was able to see me today and one of the many reasons I love her is she’s honest as fuck. She’ll call me out on my shit and compliment me when I’m being too hard on myself. 

Today I was not so happy with the honesty. 

I mean, I knew in my heart it was coming and I’ve gotten to the point where I’m done living in the past. You see, my work anxiety and panic attacks are usually because I’ve been thinking or had to confront/ work through my feeling  about a family member.  

I’m not in a place to shout it out into the vast internet just yet, but I want to claim, shout, have a fucking parade for my feelings. 

I’m ready to face my fears. 

I’m ready to forgive. 

I’m ready to be me. 


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