Well OK Then

I’m having a bevy of emotions at the moment and because I can’t seem to sort through them and calm down, well, that’s what I created this site for in the first place. 

So as I think I said before after every knitting project I feel a bit on the lost side of things. The same thing happens after a wonderful book. 

I’ve read 4 wonderful books and completed 1.5 knitting projects this week (the .5 is a sock). To say I’m feeling emotionally and creatively off-kilter would be quite the astute observation. 

You see, there’s this weird sense of pride and elation from completing something and then.. And then I have to ask myself, “what’s next?” Fear of the unknown and change can be especially daunting when it comes to anxiety sufferers like myself. 

I personally have difficulty settling down and relaxing as the urge to be productive is pretty dang strong. Even more so when I’m avoiding anxiety inducing activities such as a large project or simple tasks I perceive as big mountains. 

In the end this post has actually increased my emotional agitation so hahaha, I think is wise to stop. 


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