Casting Off

Whenever I complete a knitting project I always feel a little lost. I spend hours on Ravelry or Pintrest looking at cool stuff people have knitted. Like I’m searching for THE PROJECT. The next high. The One that will make me go, damn I’m good. This time is a little different…

Every knitter has their disaster story. Hell, I have several. This is definitely the first one on this scale, that took this much time, and made with such yummy yummy yarn. (Bamboo Pop 50% cotton/ 50% bamboo “Bright Spot”– if anyone cares to know)

The Beast

It turns out that after all off my marathon knitting, after finding how heavy on the needles it got, after all the petting of the yarn and showing it off to others as I knit along, I cast off the last stitch and…

It was too small


I won’t lie, there were a few hours that I was pretty hard on myself and the lost feeling after every project was even worse. 

Thankfully I came to grips and I think I’ve found a solution, but I’ll reserve judgement AFTER it’s been washed and finished. 

Hooray for small victories. 

And now, I must greet the world. 


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