Something’s Gotta Go

This was going to be a tirade of all the things that I DIDN’T do today but then something happened. While I was on the phone with another customer service rep (unrelated to this site) I was all sputtery and laughed and told the woman, “I cannot do the talking today!”

And then something wonderful happened… she responded with:

“It’s OK. I get like that sometimes too. It means you’ve got too much on your mind and something’s gotta go”

cat walk

Lord help me if I didn’t do a sports victory dance right there in my car while I was on the line. Angels sang in my head. There was a lightbulb moment. Life seems a little brighter.

Because I now have a new nugget of wisdom to live by and I’ll be tucking it in the back of my brain for whenever I need it.

Ain’t life great sometimes?



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