Coffee, You Gift From Heaven

Well, I had a GORGEOUS coffee gif I was trying to insert and there were all sorts of complications.

Why is it so hard to post gifs in mobile WordPress, my doods? Get on that coding geniuses, some of us can’t handle tumblr’s chaotic nature.
I love gifs. There will be many once I’ve resolved this snafu.

Point is, coffee makes me feel alive. It is a beautiful bean of loveliness. *sighs dreamily*

My day… Has not gone smoothly. It’s always super uplifting when I kick off the day with conflict. I’m trying to set something up regarding this site and I spent the better part of an hour on customer support, texting my mom, and us both getting pretty peeved (at one another). Sometimes, I think, there is such a thing as too much connectivity.

Anyway, point is it has not been resolved and I hate … Oh, I do mean HATE   unresolved things. Makes me go a bit bananas. (Please see post one for more anxiety reference)

About to head into work with an already twitchy brain is so inviting, but at least coffee loves me.

[insert gif of person petting a cup of coffee]  oh look! A similar gif!
coffee love

Really, this post isn’t quite done yet.


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